Services to Importers

Finance/Services to Importers

a) Collection of Import Bills:

UCO has correspondent relationship with reputed International Banks throughout the world and can thus provide valuable services to importers who may be importing from any part of the Globe. The import bills are collected by our Authorised Forex Branches at very competitive rates. The import bills drawn on customers of other branches are also collected through these branches.

b) Letter of Credit:

On account of UCO's presence in international market for decades, UCO has established itself as a well known international bank. L/Cs of UCO are well accepted in the International market. For any special requirement UCO can get the L/C confirmed by the top international banks.

Thus UCO's L/C facility for the purchase of goods/services etc. fulfills the requirements of all importers to arrange a reliable supply. UCO offers this facility to importers in India within the ambit of FEMA and Exim policy of Govt. of India. UCO uses state of the art SWIFT network to transmit L/Cs and with a worldwide network of correspondents and our overseas branches facilitates prompt & efficient services to the importers.

L/C facility is granted to the importers on satisfying credit exposure norms of the Bank.

c) Financing of Import

Usance L/C facility

UCO's Usance L/C facility provides the importer an opportunity to avail credit from their supplier/supplier's bank.

Deferred Payment Guarantee/Standby LC

UCO's Deferred Payment Guarantee/Standby LC facility also provides the importer an opportunity to avail credit from their supplier/supplier's bank.

Rupee finance

UCO also offers to Indian importers Rupee finance for payment of goods and services imported from abroad under its various Rupee credit facilities, on satisfying credit exposure norms of the Bank.

Foreign Currency Loans

Short term External Commercial Borrowings or Trade Credits for less than three years as permitted by RBI for imports into India is allowed by our overseas branches to Indian importers at very competitive rates. These are generally backed by L/Cs opened by importer's bank. Indian importers can also avail this facility from our overseas branches as roll-over credit on their bank agreeing to extend the L/C in favour of our overseas branches.

d) Bank Guarantees:

UCO, on behalf of importer constituents or other customers, issues guarantees in favour of beneficiaries abroad. The guarantees may be both Performance and Financial.