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UCO GOLD Card for Exporters

UCO launches Gold card for creditworthy exporters - Simplified access to export credit on very good terms:

Better terms of credit including rates of interest than those extended to other exporters by the Bank.

Processing of applications for credit faster than for other exporters. Simpler norms, subject to specific requirements in each case, if any. 'In-principle' limits for a period of 3 years with a provision for automatic renewal, subject to fulfillment of the terms and conditions of sanction. Preference for grant of packing credit in foreign currency (PCFC), subject to availability of foreign currency funds. Lower charges schedule and fee-structure than those provided to other exporters.

Relaxations in the norms in respect of security and collaterals, wherever feasible. Other facility/benefit to the exporters, subject to the fulfillment of extant rules and regulations applicable to export finance.

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Types of Facilities for Exporters

a) Rupee Export Credit (pre-shipment and post-shipment):

UCO provides both pre and post shipment credit to the Indian exporters through Rupee Denominated Loans as well as foreign currency loans in India. Credit facilities are sanctioned to exporters who satisfy credit exposure norms of UCO. Exporters having firm export orders or confirmed L/C from a bank are eligible to avail the export credit facilities.

Rupee Export Credit is available generally for a period of 180 days from the date of first disbursement. In deserving cases extension may be permitted within the guidelines of RBI. The corporates may also book forward contracts with UCO in respect of future export credit drawls, if required, as per the guidelines/directives provided by RBI.

b) Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC):

UCO offers PCFC in the foreign currency to the exporters enabling them to fund their procurement, manufacturing/processing and packing requirements. These loans are available at very competitive international interest rates covering the cost of both domestic as well as import content of the exports.

The corporates/exporters with a good track record can avail a running account facility with UCO for PCFC. PCFC is generally available for a period of 180 days from date of first disbursement. In deserving cases extension may be permitted within the guidelines of RBI.

Features :

(The forward covers can be booked in respect of future PCFC drawls.)

In the PCFC drawls permitted in a foreign currency other than the currency of export, exporter bears the risk in currency fluctuations. The foreign currency drawls are restricted to major currencies at present. In case, the export order is in a non-designated currency, PCFC is given in US$. For orders in Euro, Pound Sterling and JPY, PCFC can be availed in the respective currencies or US$ at the choice of exporter.

Multi-currency drawls against the same order, are not permitted at present due to operational inconvenience.


PCFC is to be repaid with the proceeds of the export bill submitted after shipment. In case of cancellation of export order, the PCFC can be closed by selling equivalent amount of foreign exchange at TT selling rate prevalent on the date of liquidation.

The PCFC in foreign currency are granted at our various branches through our Integrated Treasury Branch in Mumbai.

c) Negotiation of Bills under L/C

UCO's Authorised Forex Branches are active in negotiation/discounting of sight/usance international export bills under L/Cs opened by foreign banks as well as branches of Indian banks abroad. UCO offers the most competitive rates. These transactions are undertaken by our branches within the Bank/Country Exposure ceilings prescribed by UCO.

d) Export Bill Rediscounting:

UCO provides financing of export by way of discounting of export bills, as a post shipment finance to the exporters at competitive international rate of interest. This facility is available in four currencies i.e. US$, Pound Sterling, Euro and JPY.

The export bills (both Sight and Usance) drawn in compliance of FEMA can be purchased/ discounted.

Exporters can avail this facility from UCO to cover the bills drawn under L/C as well as other export bills.

e) Bank Guarantees:

UCO, on behalf of exporter constituents, issues guarantees in favour of beneficiaries abroad. The guarantees may be Performance and Financial. For Indian exporters, guarantees are issued in compliance to RBI guidelines.


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