Cyber Awareness Video

Cyber Awareness Video

Weekly Jagrookta Series for 15.10.2023

UPI Fraud & Preventive measures

Password Safety Best Pactices

Loan Scam

Holi ka Dahan - 24.03.2024

Dussera mp4

Dhanteras Mp4

Desktop Security

Cyber Hygiene Practices for Secure work culture in UCO Bank

ATM Card safety Tips

Beware of Fake SMSs for Loans

Making of Strong Password

National Cybercrime Reporting Platform

Beware of Remote Access Fraud

How to make a Strong Password using a Phrase


Safe Download Best Practices

How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Email

UPI Scam

Vishing Fraud

Be a CyberSmart Senior - Part 1

Cyber Security Best Practices for Seniors - Be a CyberSmart Senior Part 2

Safe Download Best Practices